Teeth Straightening

West House Orthodontics carry out a full range of orthodontic treatments options on the Wirral, under both the NHS and private contract.

If your adult teeth have grown crooked or oddly positioned, or your top and bottom teeth don’t meet correctly when you bite together, you’ll benefit from orthodontic treatment to straighten them into a healthy and comfortable smile.

How can I straighten my teeth?

Teeth are straightened by using braces. These can be removable braces such as Invisalign aligners or a more traditional type of removable brace such as an Inman aligner. Alternatively, braces known as fixed braces can be bonded on to the teeth.

Braces on the front surfaces of your teeth are known as labial fixed braces. Labial fixed braces are the most commonly used type of fixed brace and they can be made out of metal, or to make them less visible they can be made out of ceramic. Fixed braces can be bonded to the backs of the teeth, known as lingual fixed braces such as the Incognito system and are primarily used when a patient wants a fixed brace system but does not want the braces to be visible.

How long does it take to get my teeth straightened?

The main factor influencing how long it takes to straighten your teeth is how severely out of position the teeth are before treatment. Patients with very mild problems can often have a short treatment in the region of 6 months or less. Most patients’ treatment takes between a year to a year and a half to complete. Brace treatments involving teeth removal can take a little longer.

How much does it cost to get my teeth straightened?

This depends on the type of brace you choose to use and the complexity of the treatment. Treatment in both jaws, both upper and lower teeth is obviously more expensive than treatment in a single jaw. Please refer to our price list.

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Teeth Straightening For Adults

Many people think that brace treatment is for children, but adults are increasingly turning to brace treatment to correct tooth and bite irregularities and create a beautiful smile.

Provided the teeth and gums are healthy, there is no reason why adults of any age should not consider brace treatment

Can you show me what the results will look like?

We can provide photographic examples of patients with similar problems to what you may have. These will show before and after pictures. We also now have the iTero scanner in the Practice with computer software called outcome simulator, which will produce a virtual three-dimensional model of your teeth before treatment and the computer will provide a prediction/simulation of what the teeth will look like after treatment. This is a great tool for giving patients some idea of the possible changes.

Our Private patient coordinator can provide an outcome simulation / prediction for you free of charge in about half an hour.

What are the benefits of brace treatment?

  • Good appearance and better smile
  • Improved self confidence
  • Correction of crowded and spaced teeth
  • Reduced risk of injury to protruding teeth Improved bite
  • Better profile
  • Easier cleaning and improved dental health of straight teeth
  • Position the teeth ready for other dental treatment such as veneers bridges or implants

Does it hurt?

Patients usually experience some mild discomfort during the process of brace treatment. This is usually a worst in the first couple of days after braces are placed on the teeth, but is manageable with painkillers and a softer diet. The discomfort that you experience with braces is temporary and passes after a few days following the fitting or adjustment of the brace.

The Results

The following before and after cases illustrate what West House Orthodontics can do for your teeth and smile using orthodontic treatments. All photos shown are of actual patients of West House Orthodontics. Visit our braces before and after page to see more results.

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Mr A M O’Malley

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Mr P D O’Neill

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Freqently Asked Questions

As well as making you look at feel great, by straightening your teeth and giving you proper jaw alignment orthodontic treatment makes you whole mouth healthier.

Crooked and crowded teeth can create perfect ‘hiding places’ for food to build up and bacteria to flourish. As teeth are straightened, these places are removed, making it easier to keep your teeth clean and reducing the risk of tooth decay or potential tooth loss.

NHS Orthodontic treatment is free for people under 18 with a clear health need for the treatment, although there is often a long waiting list.

NHS Orthodontic care for adults is usually not available, but may be approved on a case-by-case basis.

Age is not a problem, provided the teeth and gums are healthy. We can treat patients from age 7 to 70!

We have a range of payment plans available to help you pay for your brace treatment. You can find out more by viewing our range of plans here.

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