Our Orthodontic Treatments

Undergoing a course of orthodontic treatment involves a great deal of commitment but the benefits of treatment include:

  • Improved appearance of teeth, smile and face.
  • Improved self-esteem and confidence.
  • Improved function of teeth.
  • Improved ability to care for teeth and gums.

The orthodontist’s at West House will assess your orthodontic needs and we will recommend the most appropriate orthodontic appliance for your treatment.

Our Treatments

orthodontic treatments available

If your adult teeth have grown crooked or oddly positioned, or your top and bottom teeth don’t meet correctly when you bite together, you’ll benefit from orthodontic treatment to reposition them into a straight, healthy and comfortable smile. There are a variety of treatment approaches and the braces can even be invisible. Take a look at the services we can offer:

Ceramic fixed braces

These are tooth coloured fixed braces designed to minimise the aesthetic impact of the brace. It is now possible to use white aesthetic brace wires to further lessen the aesthetic impact of the brace.

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Lingual Fixed Appliance

Fixed appliances attached to the inner aspect of the teeth to eliminate the aesthetic impact of wearing a fixed brace. Recent advances with the new Incognito appliance are now producing high quality treatment outcomes with improved patient comfort.

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Micro Implants

These are titanium pins placed easily under local anaesthetic for the duration of the treatment and are removed at the end. They reduce the need for tooth extractions or headgear to create space to remove teeth, allowing quite dramatic changes such as correction of prominent teeth in adults that may previously only have been possible by jaw surgery.

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Investment Plans

Our investment plans are based our experience of what our patients want, however we are happy to tailor make packages to suit your needs.

Self ligating fixed appliances

These appliances can be used to keep treatment time and visits to a minimum but still producing the best possible outcome from treatment. The self ligating brackets reduce friction within the brace allowing the teeth to straighten more easily. This can result in 20-30% quicker treatment.

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Invisalign® appliance

A near invisible removable appliance system that uses a series of removable braces called aligners to straighten the teeth. These are manufactured in the USA at the Invisalign laboratory. We are certified Invisalign treatment providers.

A similar technique can be done with clear plastic braces made in the UK, in a more cost-effective way for minor irregularities.

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If you wish to have an initial consultation appointment, please contact the practice on 0151 609 0900