Wirral Six Month Smile and Fast Braces for Adults and Children – West House Orthodontics

We are often asked if we use the Fast Braces, Six Month Smile Braces and the Inman Aligner. These are all braces used by General Dentists for the correction of simple problems.

The construction and set up of these braces is left to a laboratory technician. As qualified orthodontic specialists we feel we are best qualified to plan and fit your brace ourselves.

We can choose from all the current appliance systems to find the appliance that is most suitable for you the patient. Often simple treatments will only take in the region of six months.

At West House Orthodontics you can rely on one of our registered specialists, Mr P D O’Neill or Mr A M O’Malley to advise you on the safest and most efficient method of treatment to help you achieve that perfect smile you have always wanted.

Will any of my teeth need to be removed?

It is a possibility but will depend on the complexity of the individual’s situation. Some alignment treatments are only possible after some teeth have been removed.

Removing teeth would only be required if the straightening process required additional space to achieve the desired result.

Does the fitting of braces hurt?

A little discomfort may be felt depending on the individual during the early part of the treatment. It may also initially affect the way you pronounce certain sounds but this will improve as you become accustomed to the adjustments being made.

Will wearing braces affect the foods I am able to eat?

At West House Orthodontics we will provide a comprehensive guide tailored to the individual patient on how to care for your teeth while your braces are being worn and adjusted.

Avoiding foods and drinks that can compromise your dental hygiene during treatment would be the best approach. Also avoiding situations like nail biting, chewing pens and avoiding hard and sticky foods will help to keep your braces correctly aligned and undamaged.

Will I have to wear my braces for 24 hours a day?

We offer many different alignment options tailored to the individual need of the patient. Unfortunately some of these options require the braces to be permanently fixed to the teeth until the next adjustment is required.

If having a fixed aligner with more stringent restrictions on eating and drinking sound like it may be more of an inconvenience than you want then we can discuss a treatment plan tailored to you were we implement an invisible aligner.

Specializing in Orthodontics for Adults and Children across Wirral, Liverpool and Cheshire.

West House Orthodontics are specialists in treatments such as Invisalign®.  Using Invisalign® the aligner may be taken out briefly while eating and drinking making the overall experience a little easier.

We are also highly experienced in the orthodontic treatment of children so rest assured that your child will receive the beautiful smile they always wanted after receiving treatment from us.

See our Invisalign® page by clicking the Invisalign® logo below for more information on how this treatment can help you achieve your perfect smile.