How can your children, family and friends have the sweet looking smiles they have always wanted?

If you live in Liverpool, Chester or the Wirral then the orthodontic specialists at West House Orthodontics are able to give advice on the best type of aligners to obtain the sweet looking smile you have always wanted.

Are clear braces for everyone?

West House Orthodontics can perform the application of Invisalign, clear or invisible braces to children or adults given that the required adjustment to the teeth is not too severe. To find out more about your personal requirements just give us a call on 0151 609 0900 to arrange a consultation at our specialist clinic on the wirral.

What materials are clear or invisible braces made from?

The materials that are used to make clear braces are composite in nature. These materials can be weaker and more brittle than metal braces. The metal brackets usually used to align the teeth and give you that perfect smile are generally smaller than clear or invisible braces.

Although the clear braces used to straighten your teeth are usually bigger they give your mouth and teeth a better aesthetic look during treatment.